To Bespoke Shisha Hire
A shisha hiring service that promises a bespoke Shisha experience


We bring the shisha lounge experience to you
So pick up the phone and call us


We guarantee you a bespoke experience that you will rave about
so what are you waiting for order now


We pride ourselves on quality and only use the finest products
so you have an experience that you can talk about


We provide 4 types of Shisha heads
Clay head, Apple on top head, Grapefruit head, Pineapple head.

We provide 2 types of coals
quick ignite coconut square coals.
We provide an electric coal burner to burn any type of coal. Coals can be lit within 10 minutes on this burner. The electric burner has a safely mechanism allowing the burner not to overheat.

We provide 3 types of shishas
Oduman Shisha includes fresh fruit cut inside the glass vase.

MAYA SHISHA : £12.00 a day
KHALIL MAHMOON : £12.00 a day

White Gummy Bear
just like the sweets
Just like the fruity sweets
Pink lemonade
Refreshing just the drink
Mixed Fruit
A blend of fruits that will tantalise your taste buds
mysteriously smooth Shisha that hints at a light raspberry
Pink & Pann
Hints at a light raspberry along with the floral minty taste of paan
Sweet like candy, yet refreshing as freshly picked berries
Pirates Cave
A very strong lemon-lime flavour
Frozen Blueberry
Ice cool blueberry flavour
Citrus Mist
perfectly balanced smooth flavor that consistently sprinkles citrus particularly lemon, across your tongue
Double Apple Grape
classic Double Apple black licorice taste that hits you hard with a hint of grape
Peach Orange Mint
Smooth and sultry blend of flavors with a hint of mint to give it that kick
Iron Bru
just like the Scottish soft drink
Grape Pomegranate Apple
a blend of succulent grape pomegranate and apple
Double Apple Mint
The all time classic mix, anise infused apple with a hint of mint to give you that cooling sensation
Just like the fruit
Grape Mint
Another all time classic, traditional grape with a hint of mint
Orange Mint
refreshing citrus flavour
Pomegrante Mint
Just like the fruit with a hint of mint
Paan Mint
Floral minty blend